'Frasier' reboot in the works according to Kelsey Grammer


Kelsey Grammer was on The Late Late Show With James Corden, where he discussed a possible reboot of the hit sitcom, Frasier. Grammer has hinted at a possible reboot before, saying he was waiting for a “pitch that really hits it out of the park.” Apparently he must have heard some good pitches since then.

While Grammer didn’t provide many details, he did reveal that he will no longer be a radio host. He said, “[Frasier]’s passed the radio show, he might be an art dealer, might be a professor – we don’t know yet.”

Grammer also discussed a possible new location for the Frasier character, who has already lived in Boston and endured the rains of Seattle. Grammer said, “It could be in Chicago, he left for Chicago in the last episode of Frasier.”

Sadly the show will also have to address the passing of John Mahoney, who played Frasier’s dad in the series.

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